Release Notes

1.0b7 – 2009.01.13 
 new: added “Remove Accents” function. Useful for AppleTV support

1.0b6 – 2007.10.23 
 new: MPL2 format support added
 new: added “Add string at end of line” function
 new: added “Delete string between []” function
 change: improvement of the “remove style tags” function

1.0b5 – 2007.03.12
 change: improvement of the “limit lines number” function 
 new: “remove style tags” function 
 new: added “Donate” in the help menu

1.0b4 – 2006.10.23 
 change: preference panel redesign 
 fix: converted files have now the srt extension 
 fix: some errors when converting from MicroDVD format 
 new: limit number of lines for each subtitle item 
 new: TMPlayer format support

1.0b3 – 2006.10.14 
 fix: problem when wrapping a subtitle file with text beginning with a space 
 fix: now it supports input file with “Classic Mac Line Endings” (CR) 
 new: now there is a progress bar when dragging multiple subtitles 
 change: several performance improvements 
 change: original subtitles are now moved to a “Original Subtitles” subdirectory 
 new: SubViewer & MicroDVD formats support added. This formats will be converted to a clean SubRip format

1.0b2 – 2006.10.10
 fix: better handling of text file encodings 
 fix: output files are formatted in the standard microsoft CR+LF as described on 
 change: wrap line function has been improved 
 fix: now the operation result is displayed when launching the application with a file drag 
 change: go to home page menu is now available 
 new: go to subcleaner forum menu 
 new: added help with a description of the errors fixed by SubCleaner 

1.0b1 – 2006.10.08 
 first public release